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CrossLoop connection terminated error

Out of the blue, I started receiving an error while trying to CrossLoop remote control my mom’s mac:

connection terminated
authentication failed incorrect  password

It was strange, because it worked last week, haven’t changed any setting, router, etc. It was a tricky error message, since … it shows up on the screen for about a second … Couldn’t find any help on support forum for CrossLoop neither, so i decided to do the support 101 myself … updated both my macbook & my moms’ iMac to latest version 1.4 … and it worked!

best FREE iPhone apps

picture-51 i’ve used iPhone for over 6 months now & even though in the beginning you couldn’t really have a clear phone conversation, apple has stepped up & fixed all the problems and now …. yes, i’m a fan.

but, this post is about BEST FREE applications for iPhone, so here you go: [best of the best sir are in bold & italics]


  • google mobile app – not only has decent voice recognition, but you can easily find your contacts and local stuff (pizza, etc)
  • gmail, google calendar, tasks [web]- build in email client sucks, so if you want to be able to search your gmail, see conversations again, etc – it’s all possible via the web (i’m just not sure why google has removed calendar “quick add” from there ….)
    … but if you do use build-in mail app – firemail will let you type your email horizontally and then send them back to the regular mail app
  • facebook – if you’re an addict … you got to have this app
  • iTalk – record audio: voice memos, sounds, etc – then download to your computer
  • discover – yes, you can use your iPhone as a hard drive / over the wifi
  • WiFinder – find open WiFi spots around you
  • Easy Wi-Fi – if you use starbucks’ free wifi connection a lot, this is a life saver (no more waiting for txt, etc)


  • yelp – looking for a good restaurant whenever you are?
  • trapster – would you like to avoid a speeding ticket and know where are the speed traps or where’s the nearest traffic light camera? :)
  • pandora, and iHeartRadio – radio on iPhone is decent – iHeart let’s u listen to most of the local radio stations even if you’re elsewhere (hot 97, v103, etc)
  • shazam – “what’s the name of that song”? – this app will tell you, by simply putting the iPhone next to the speaker … amazing
  • fring – best IM client:Skype,  MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, etc – although i never succeeded in making a skype call … yes, over wifi
  • drinks free – tells you how to make most of the popular drinks out there


not “best”, but good enough to list:

  • accuWeather – better then build-in weather, especially the radar & real feel
  • twitter [web] – it’s free & it does the basics
  • nbc traffic camera – 1/2 of the cameras don’t work, but it’s only such app that’s available for free
  • remote – controls your iTunes, so you can be a better couch potato :)

run Windows on mac faster then Boot Camp

mac daddyvmWare & Parallels rely heavily on the hard drive to run Windows (XP or Vista) on your mac. So the only way to make it run faster is to put it on a very fast hard drive … well, here’s my brilliant idea – convert portion of your memory into a fastest hard drive on the planet! :). Here’s what, you’ll need:

- Ram Disk Utility Pro … old but forgotten concept of converting your spare memory into a super fast “hard drive”. ($14.99 is well worth of what you get)
- at least 2GB of memory on your apple (iMac, macbook, etc) is recommended
- a very small installation of Windows XP – with TinyXP (bittorrent link) that’s only 400gb! :) & vmWare /

How to: once you have Ram Disk installed, it will show up just as if it was a regular hard drive on your desktop. so all you’ll need to do – is to move the vmWare image of your Win XP to it & then re-setup new Virtual Machine (advanced options / “use the existing virtual disk”).

other suggested usage for ram hard drive:

- have 100mb + photo u want to manipulate in photoshop?
- u can even drop applications on it to speed them up (i found firefox to load images much faster … u figure out what kind of websites i was checking out ;)
- seriously great way to speed up anything on your mac that is hard drive recources hungry

mac essentials – best apps / hacks / utilities

so i finally jumped on the mac os wagon & got myslef macbook w/ leopard on it …. & yes, i love it!
here’s a list of hacks / best apps, utils i’ve discovered so far:

* best mac apps- courtesy of matthias (thx!)
- perian - play Divx, Xvid, AVI and other movies in quicktime (or via Front Row)
there’s always VLC – bets video player for mac & windows
- sofacontrol Sofa Control Download- control most of ur mac apps via the remote!
- - chat – all IM mac clients in ONE
- music rescue – ipod recovery
- handbreak / mac the ripperdvd ripper for mac
- download manager: igetter with flashgot in firefox – avail for windows too

- Xslimmer Logo- slims down mac os
- Quicksilver - i’m not quite sold on this one yet, but then again haven’t used it yet :)
Cocktail cocktail/ CandyBar candybar- simple mac os tweaks / customize your icons
- geniushelps you remember things
more links: 10mac apps, Top 100 Mac App, 35 Absolutely Essential Mac Apps, The Ultimate Mac Apps List

* hints / shortcuts
- enable right click on the mac mouse! (works on track pad too!) – it _helps_ soooo much if you coming from the PC world
Cool things you can do on a Mac

* beginer’s video guides to mac:
- leopard features videoan impressive newest mac os overview, especially the iChat stuff
- An Orientation to Mac OS Xsurprisingly couldn’t’ find intro video tutorial to mac os on the apple website, so found this instead … it’s tiger, but still very informative for those who never used mac os before.

ps: one thing i can’t seem to figure out is how to maximize a window via keyboard shortcuts after you minimize it to the dock …. anyone?

best free mp3 editor

so you want to edit your music / song / mp3 … or need to know
how to create a FREE ring tone from your mp3 song :) ?

best free program / utility out there to edit mp3 out there is called:
audacitybut as w/ all free programs, you’ll need LAME mp3 encoder, so you can save the mp3 you just edited … in mp3 !

i also recommend downloading LADSPA plugins (over 90 cool mp3 editing plug-ins)

Audacity is extremely easy to use, but here are some tutorials for the mouse challenged.


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