easily convert to escaped HTML for RSS feeds

RSS 2.0 requires you to use escaped HTML if you want rich format entries (images, embedded links, etc) e.g.:

  • <description>this is &lt;b&gt;bold&lt;/b&gt;</description>

and it’s a pain in the ass to edit those. But … here’s an easier way:

use Dreamweaver (possibly works in other code / design HTML editors):

1) write the regular HTML code in the code pane

2) copy the HTML code and … paste in onto the design pane

Screenshot 2015-03-31 15.00.22

3) now on the left (code page), you’ll have it in escaped HTML

new 2015 macbook vs 11 inch macbook air – size comparison – no-air – retina air

surprisingly … they are almost identical in size: 11″ macbook air vs 2015 macbook (no-air?:) )
i doubt you’ll notice 0.76 width nor 0.22 depth (4cm “taller”) nor 0.35 lb “difference”  (height is actually 0.1 inch “less”:)

new air vs old

while new macbook is sexy as hell …
apple giveth (what we don’t know we need) & taketh (what we do need):
namely USB (!@$), display, etc ports are replaced with … $$$ adapters & memory stick slot is gone as well😦
& of course is crazy expensive $1,299 vs $899 for old air (in all “fairness” 11″ w/ 256Gb of SSD & 8gb would be $1,199 …)
#oyVey #apple


Cheapest overnight, 1, 2 day envelope shipping via Fedex, UPS or USPS (Post Office)

Cheapest overnight, 1, 2 day envelope shipping via Fedex, UPS or USPS (Post Office).

You wana ship a simple envelope as fast and as affordable as possible? Here are your options and who’s the cheapest.

I’ve priced out New York (queens) to Chicago (west suburbs). There are $69 options to have it delivered the next day at 8am, but I’ve chosen the cheapest, by 3-4pm. And by 5pm pickup.

Overnight $36 (by 3pm) $35 (by 3pm) $19 (by 3pm)
2nd day $20 (by EOD) $20 (by 4:30pm) $5.75 (by 5pm)
3 day $14 (by 4:30pm)

And the winner is … Unites States Post Office. I have to say … yes, you’ve got to most likely go there, stand in line, deal with … interesting customer service sometimes:). But they are FAST and 2nd day … IS cheap!

ps: USPS 10am, next day delivery is extra $5.

instructions how to use Atmos groupon vaporizer kit video

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 5.19.43 PMso you got your atmos groupon vaporizer deal … and are confused on how to use the dry herb attachment? (because instructions only have oil attachment:) )

no worries, you basically got atmos 510 bullet 2 go (top cartridge part)

how to use groupon vaporizer:

1) unscrew the mouth piece 2) insert herb 3) screw back

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 5.00.55 PM

4) screw all back, press button & go. (press power 3 times to unlock 1st)

see video on how to use atmos groupon dry herb vaporizer below:

more info on how to clean, attachments, etc here

but wait! how do i use the oil cartridge attachment thingy? here you go:

sexy Miss Edith of dj Violin

miss Edith of dj Violin improvises to dj live with her sexy violin. she performs in chicago, new york, miami amongst other places.

best deal on mid size family sedan with leather and sunroof

Researched new, family, medium size to full size, family sedans for my father in-law (aka sedan for a cool grandpa:). But found it deceptive how car manufactures advertise their prices without 2 features most if us have to have: leather and a sunroof / moonroof (heated seats and auto transmission as well, but most offer those with leather automatically).
So you see $20k starting price and get excited (Nissan, Honda, etc), but after adding those must haves … you reach $30k – the price range of luxury models (Audi, Acura, etc).
Further, warranty period varies and some offer free maintenance and/or roadside assistance (something that used to be offered only on luxury vehicles, but no longer). All in all, below are is best value for the buck for a mid size family sendans (I found those prices on either trueCar.com or carsDirect.com as of march ’13).

A4 | Accord | Altima | CC | G37 | Passat | Sonata

8) Lexus ES 350$37.5k v6 – length: 192.7 inches
Has 4 yr warranty, i couldn’t find if they offer free maintenance, but don’t think so.
Way to expense for mid size. Thus pretty much excluded from this coparo.

7) Honda Accord – no free maintenance, no roadside assistance
Warranty: 3 years / drivetrain – 5 years
i4 – $26.5 EX-L
V6 – $28.4 EX
length: 194 inches
Ironically this is probably choice #1 for older people, not at all in my book. 
#1 wins price, looks, interior and warranty wise.

6) Nissan Altima – no free maintenance, no roadside assistance
Warranty: basic – 3 years / drivetrain – 5 years
i4 (4 cylinder) – $26.3K – SL limited
V6 – $28.2K – SL
lengh: 191.5 inches (still considered mid size sedan?)
Although a looker it is smaller then #1 and interior feels cheaper.

5) Audi a4 –  5k mikes (only!) free maintenance / 4 yr roadside assistance
Warranty: basic – 4 years, drivetrain – 4 years
i4 – $29k
V6 – NOT avail
length: 185 inches – shortest here (mid size sedan)
Audi (owned by VW) kills me with their logic of uber brand that drives and feels very similar to VW, yet charges premium for the features that are standard on VW … And they stopped offering v6 at all!  
On top of it, I like the look and feel of CC over a4.
Also worth mentioning, they are very difficult to negotiate with.

4) infiniti G37 – no free maintainance (“Luxury” ?!), 4 yr roadside assistance
Warranty: basic – 4 years, drivetrain – 6 years
i4 – NOT avail
V6 – $32k
length: 188 inches
Eventhough not the best deal nor free maintanace, 280hp and the only RWD car here puts it ahead of Audi.
3) VW passat CC – 3 yr free maintainance / roadside assistance
Warranty: basic – 3 years, drivetrain – 5 years
i4 – $29k
V6 – $35k
length: 188.9 inches
My personal favorite in the bunch. It’s a looker and has the best interior.
2) AcuraNO free maintainance / 4 yr roadside assistance
[update: motortrend.com has wrong info about maintenance.]
Warranty: basic – 4 years, drivetrain – 6 years
i4 TSX$30k – length: 185.6 inches (mid size sedan)
V6 TL$33k – length: 194 inches (full size sedan)
TL is not offered in 4 cylinder, that’s why I decided to include TSX i4, which is Fairly similar in looks.
TL is the largest in the group – 194 inches, where TSX is 2nd shortest – 186.
TL on the current special is the best deal for v6 medium side family sedan. They also have best warranty and cheap maintainance. Finally this car feels most luxurious of the bunch (note: didn’t bother test driving a Lexus)
1) VW Passat3 yr free maintainance / roadside assistance
Warranty: basic – 3 years, drivetrain – 5 years
i4 – $25k
V6 – $29k
length: 191.6 inches
Amazing deal: 2nd biggest car in the group at 192 inches,  free maintanace (they give loaners!), 170hp 4 cylinder is surprisingly zippy for such a big car, and the sophisticated looks of Audi family are easy on the eyes. Finally $25k is simply best bargain today, especially with German engineering heritage and maintanace perks. 
Ps: my comparison might be considered bias by not including Hyundai or American ford fusion, but lets be honest – ford is not German nor japanese thus not worth $28k for 4 cylinder sedan, no matter how many praises it gets in American press.
Now i must say Sonata is a solid car. I was very impressed how it handled through rain, snow on my 2k road trip, but the interior does feel the cheapest of all the sedans here and … my father in-law does not like the looks of this $24k “Korean” (leather & 4 cylinder – 174hp , 5/10 yr warranty, no free maintenance, 35mpg).
Ps2: Although, it’s worth mentioning 24 mpg (passat) vs 35 mpg (sonata) difference, so assuming 15k miles a year, that’s a significant $700 difference in gas cost between the 2, back in Sonata’s favor (being a devil’s advocate here:)
But, if you add $500/year worth of maintenance to the price of the sonata and consider the mileage savings … Sonata, “beats” Passat by $200 each year.
ps3: what the world is coming to, when a german sedan is better priced then … korean or an american one …:)
____________  ____________________
warranty (years) price (thusands) notes
length basic drive
free maintance road assitance 4 cylinder v6
Lexus ES 350 192.7 4 ? ? (dont’ think so) ? x $37.50 most expensive
Honda Accord EX 194.0 3 5 x x $26.50 $28.40 longest
Nissan Altima SL 191.5 3 5 x x $26.30 $28.20
Audi A4 185.0 4 4 5k miles 4 $29.00 x shortest
Infiniti G37 188.0 4 6 x 4 x $32.00
VW passat CC 188.9 3 5 3 3 $29.00 $35.00
Acura TL / TSX(i4) 194.0 4 6 4 4 $30.00 $33.00 longest, best warranty
TSX 185.6 TSX TL
VW Passat 191.6 3 5 3 3 $25.00 $29.00 cheapest i4 & v6

Best Monday Happy Hour Deals in Downers Grove

Blackberry-Margaritas-2-square* Lunch
Hooters: $5.99 lunch / Burgers $6.99

* Happy Hour
Brick House: all day?
$3 drinks (sun-mon)

Barbacoa: mon – tue. 3pm – close
$1.50 tacos
$5 apetizers 3-7pm & 10-close)
$6 mojitos / $5 malbeck

houlihans (wheaton):
$3.99 apps (3-7pm, 9-close)
$5 long island pitchers (sun-mon)

cozymels (wheaton): $3 margarita

Rockwood Tap House:
$4.99 Burgers (4-10pm)
$2.50 miller pints / $3 vodka drinks
(1/2 appetizers 3-6pm)

RA Sush:
3-7pm (mon-fri) $5.99-8.99 rolls
$5 cosmo / $6 vodka martini

Parkers Seafood:
1/2 off bar food – 3-7pm (mon-fri)
25% off bottles of wine (sun – mon)

Wildfire (oakbrook): 1/2 apps (mon-fri 3-5pm, 9-close)
1/2 wines


[updated February 2015]





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