So here’s my rant about stupid Adobe software upgrades (boy do i miss Macromedia’s simplicity & seems i’m not alone – Adobe CS3 install horror… round 2):
After trying the Dreamweaver CS3 for 60 days (30 days trial, plug in fake serial key, run unregistered for another 30 …) , i finally got my job to purchase a full fledged Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) Design Premium. Thinking (silly me) that after setting Dreamweaver up the way I want it and plugging in all the web servers i work with, that all i’ll have to do it put in the serial number that come with the CD/DVD. Nah ….
When i tried to apply my serial number to the trial version of dreamweaver i got the red x (incorrect serial number). When i called customer service. i was informed that i need to speak to technical support … which after additional waist of my time informed me that i need to un-install trial & re-install full version.
I gave it another trial & wrote to the tech support via email (when fail with the first tech support guy, call back). Here’s the response I got :
*** Notes to Customer *** 12/12/2007 13:02:10
Hello xxxxx,
Thank you for contacting Adobe Customer Service.
I understand that you are not satisfied with the service provided by our
Customer Service department for the inconvenience caused to you.
Maciek, the trial versions of Adobe software provide an introduction to
our applications to help you with your purchase decision. You cannot
apply the serial number of the upgrade version to unlock the trial
version. For upgrade versions you require to have the original program
version on your computer.
Adobe has dedicated support for providing technical help to the
customer. Our Customer Service is not trained to handle technical is
sues. Once they determine the issue is technical in nature they refer you to
the technical support department.
I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
As an Adobe customer, you are our first priority. Your comments help
guide development of future versions of Adobe products and support.
Adobe takes its Web mail very seriously, and we dedicate substantial
resources to routing this feedback to the people inside Adobe who need
to know what customers are telling us.
Please let us know if you have any issues and if there is anything that
we can do.
xxxx, for your records, your customer ID number is 111111111. The
customer ID number is the easiest way for us to access your account in
our database. In the future, please provide this number when you contact
Adobe. Your case number is 2000000.
The Web Support Portal Representatives are available from Monday to
Friday. For your convenience, on weekends we have a dedicated phone
support for Customer Service related queries. Please feel free to
contact our phone support.


well … just when i finally decided to say “ok, i have no choice, i’ll go ahead & re-install the damn thing”. guest what?🙂 when i did start the installation of the entire Design Premium CS3, the Dreamweaver is grayed out & it says “product already installed”!!! & there doesn’t seem to be a way to un-install it & re-install it from that screen (i know, i can go to “add / remove programs”, but … come on!)

at that point i’ve waisted about 1 hour on trying to deal with tech support, 2 hours trying to re-install the CS3 suite & … it took me about 15 min to find this crack🙂

open letter to Adobe about their “upgrade” issues:
– why mislead the customer with promise of an “upgradeable” trial version?
– why inconvenience the customer by re-installation requirement and hence loss of already applied program settings & server/ftp information?
– why not better train your customer service and inform you customer about product incompatibility before transferring to another person and in process waisting customer’s and company’s time?

it is easier for your customer to crack the product instead of making a legal purchase, which proved to be a more difficult and time consuming process!