For the past couple of days, i’ve noticed that my twitter status updates are not getting automatically published to facebook any longer. Seems others are experiencing same problems:

[update 3/11 – a month passed by & … what do you know my twitter updates started posting on FB on their own – fixed … for now]

you’ve got to love facebook and their secret changes, that cause stuff to stop working, without any announcements.  it’s dumb, especially after recent twitter by FB buy out rumors. but we all know fb doesn’t really care about us – its’ users – updates haven’t worked in months.

yet another reason, why we need a new, open facebook, that will work as fb should: connect all of our social (flickr, pandora,, etc) activities on one page.

Solutions? Haven’t found a fix so far. Tried to re-connect via: – no luck
(which humorously doesn’t work if you have an auto httpS enabled)


[update 2/24] starting to have a feeling, that my particular twitter account might have been blocked, due to pirate bay posts …