my brief love affair with google+ got stuck on the 3rd date (i mean day :):

– simple sharing rules concept – aka circles

shockingly that’s all. it’s funny how many hoops we are willing to jump through, because we got fed up by,  a free,  yet very unpredictable social network, called FB
[my FB peeves: sucky twitter integration, api that breaks weekly, reason why i loved fb to begin with: auto posts of all of my social tools: youtube, pix, music, blogs, etc – have anyone noticed how they don’t automatically show up in your feed any longer???]

not ready: (but back to google+ … “the hope”)
– no twitter / fb integration.
had to rethink this one … w/ improved sharing rules, all posts will have to come out of + now (instead from twitter, until now), but … even though  i “found” this twittermail solution, it cuts posts off, after 43rd character …
– no simple google contacts -> google+ import. nor fb, nor twitter
(dragging your first friend into the circle seems cool. dragging 100 of them seems like too much work)
– can’t adjust sharing settings after initial post (so when one of my buddies starts cursing, etc … now all of the world can see)
– can’t delete other’s replies to my posts???
– can’t edit post’s (link) description
– can’t delete/edit a contact added on + (i actually edited that contact on g contacts & now i have 2 separate contacts on +)
– spam – yep, in “incoming” i’ve received an invite from “cheap flights” already (i polish, but still)


google, i love you, but … i was looking for a better social network alternative, to make my life easier. i’m going to wait, until you become a cougar … then we can resume our date (i hope).