damn google. i just spent 2 hours, trying to find the thinnest iphone bumper case available. the problem is – misleading links! they say it’s a bumper, but it’s a case, as in it has a back
call me crazy, but iphone 4 is gorgeous and i don’t want to cover the back of it …

so here are my findings – the really thinnest iPhone 4 bumpers:

1) 0.9 mm – Sinjimoru InLite Ultra Thin – $15

exactly what i’ve been looking for, but: no protection, cheesy square dongle  & questionable quality

2) 1.5 mm – ultraSlim bumper – $13

unfortunately, the buttons are hard to press on this one

3) 2.5 mm – UCO skinny – $24

the irony? the thickest, seems best made (but still thinner, then the original apple iphone bumper)

others: nude, reveal & sgp (~2 mm)

run up, thinner contenders – but NOT bumpers:

zero 5 – 0.5 mm – iphoneCaze.com – $19

and the thinnest of them all? (makes you wonder, what’s the point):
pinio slice 3 – 3.5 mm – $35 … however if you google “thinnest iphone +bumper mm“,
you’ll see $5 0.3 mm knock offs