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sexy Miss Edith of dj Violin

miss Edith of dj Violin improvises to dj live with her sexy violin. she performs in chicago, new york, miami amongst other places.

keep movies on iPad, but delete from comptuer

little hard drive space saving tip. say you have a movie / book / long song you want on your iPad / iPhone, but don’t want to keep it on your computer / mac

  1. sync the movie with your iPad (have it in iTunes, etc) – confirm that it’s on your ipad … by playing it
  2. go to iTunes / right click on the movie / song / book you want to remove
  3. choose “show in finder” (it should say “show in explorer” on a pc)
  4. delete it in finder (not iTunes)

that’s it! next time you sync with your iPad the movie will remain on the iPad but no longer exists on your compter

best music podcast – the sound culture

so i’ve re-discovered podcasting recently: 1st on my iPod classic & recently on a nicer, bigger screen – iPhone. but good music podcasts are very hard to find on iTunes … well, it just takes a while (took me few months to go through all the garbage & find this one).

so i wanted to share the love & tell you guys about probably the best modern, electronica, chill, gypsy, hip hop music podcast on d net todaythe Sound Culture podcast.

those guys really do it for the love – not only every month or so they come up with the new “radio episode”, this podcast is one of the better organized ones: it has the name, title of the artist, ablum cover, etc. THEN … you can go to their website & … download each of the songs featured on their episodes, either via iTunes, napster – legal chanells OR … for free. those guys rock (they also have live DJ sessions in california). & … when i offered a donation, they suggested to donate to my fav charity … maaaan

here are few of my favorite sound culture episodes:

best car / auto / motogp / sports video podcasts

recenlty i’ve re-discovered podcasting, especially usefull if u travel underground w/out sygnal, etc – daily auto news – nicely filmed auto clips – user submited car videos – kudos to speed tv – coverage of some racing action

best music podcast: – niiiiiice

apple TV take 2 hacks

i’ve recently bought apple TV & immediately started hacking it:). out of the box apple TV let’s you view & listen to all your iTunes content: movies, music and pictures on your iPhoto (with “take 2” you can also rent movies from iTunes & stream iTunes music to your apple TV via AirTunes). and you can do it all on your beloved HDTV set & your high end HiFi _wirelessly_
once hacked, apple TV is a very cheap solution ($200!) to wirelessly stream all of your movies (divx, mpeg, avi) from your computer to your entertainment system – via apple TV & you can listen to internet radio (via streamer).


hacking of apple TV does not require opening the box any longer. all you need is an USB stick & … unfortunately Mac OS 10.4 running on an intel mac. all you do is: plug the patchstick in the back of appleTV, reboot & vu a la!

if you’re a techie / hacker, simply follow instructions:
Beginner’s Guide – how to hack ATV 1
NitoTV | ATVFiles | Sapphire | Perian – plug-ins
[few notes: can’t create a patchstick in Windows nor Leopard, NitoTV doesn’t appear on ATV Loader no longer (?)]

on the apple TV 2 news front:
– folks at awkwardTV forums are trying to hack via safe update to apple TV 2
– [update] jMahn gives us step-by step instructions to modify your patchstick so it works on ATV 2! (he says, once hacked – AirTunes & movie rentals worksat your own risk)
– ps: you CAN upgrade to 2.0 & then restore back to 1.0 in order to play with the new features:) (in my opinion podcasts are the best addition to appleTV & you can get a lot of HDTV podcast content for FREE)
AppleTV 2, AirTunes And Airfoil 3 – soon, you’ll be able to stream any of your audio (non iTunes radio, skype, etc) to Apple TV wirelessly … work in progress & it’s ONLY $25!

mac essentials – best apps / hacks / utilities

so i finally jumped on the mac os wagon & got myslef macbook w/ leopard on it …. & yes, i love it!
here’s a list of hacks / best apps, utils i’ve discovered so far:

* best mac appscourtesy of matthias (thx!)
perian – play Divx, Xvid, AVI and other movies in quicktime (or via Front Row)
there’s always VLC – bets video player for mac & windows
sofacontrol Sofa Control Downloadcontrol most of ur mac apps via the remote! – chat – all IM mac clients in ONE
music rescue – ipod recovery
handbreak / mac the ripperdvd ripper for mac
download manager: igetter with flashgot in firefox – avail for windows too Xslimmer Logoslims down mac os
Quicksilver – i’m not quite sold on this one yet, but then again haven’t used it yet:)
Cocktail cocktail/ CandyBar candybar– simple mac os tweaks / customize your icons
geniushelps you remember things
more links: 10mac apps, Top 100 Mac App, 35 Absolutely Essential Mac Apps, The Ultimate Mac Apps List

* hints / shortcuts
enable right click on the mac mouse! (works on track pad too!) – it _helps_ soooo much if you coming from the PC world
Cool things you can do on a Mac

* beginer’s video guides to mac:
leopard features videoan impressive newest mac os overview, especially the iChat stuff
An Orientation to Mac OS Xsurprisingly couldn’t’ find intro video tutorial to mac os on the apple website, so found this instead … it’s tiger, but still very informative for those who never used mac os before.

ps: one thing i can’t seem to figure out is how to maximize a window via keyboard shortcuts after you minimize it to the dock …. anyone?

best free mp3 editor

so you want to edit your music / song / mp3 … or need to know
how to create a FREE ring tone from your mp3 song:) ?

best free program / utility out there to edit mp3 out there is called:
audacitybut as w/ all free programs, you’ll need LAME mp3 encoder, so you can save the mp3 you just edited … in mp3 !

i also recommend downloading LADSPA plugins (over 90 cool mp3 editing plug-ins)

Audacity is extremely easy to use, but here are some tutorials for the mouse challenged.


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