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fix for iBooks on 4.3.5 / ios 5.0.1 jailbroken iPhone / iPad crashing

so you made a mistake of upgrading your iPad / iPhone to iOS 4.3.5 / 5.0.1 – You applied jailbreak via Cydia and now iBooks crash (& you didn’t backup your SHSH).

[update 12/29] how to fix iBooks 1.5 on untethered iOS 5.01 :
– redsn0w 9b10+ (if not latest patch with corona 1.3)
– install fresh iBooks 1.5 (i’ve updated on device)
– install iBooksFix2 from

[update 11/1] how to fix iBooks on jailbroken iOS 5 (need to be jb literate)


you’re not alone, this is a well known issue. unfortunately because it affects iOS 5 beta as well. i have a feeling, our heros: comex & ih8sn0w – will wait until the final iOS5 to fix this issue (cat & mouse game jb community & apple play every year …). there isn’t seem to be a solution, i’ve tried to downgrade to earlier version of iBooks – they all crash (1.2 1.3) & 1.1 opens, but no books show & you can’t even complete a sample download.

well, thx to @raktim_rakzzz i have a solution for ya:

– use pwnage tool to cook up a custom ipsw firmware & jailbreak your iPhone / iPad
instructions here (mac)
– instead of 4.3.4 (mentioned in the instructions above) use 4.3.5 bundle – get at

ps: if you have iPad 3g … like me, you’re out of luck😦 – 4.3.5 upgrades to firmware 07.11.01 which doesn’t support this fix


last resort is to downgrade to 4.3.3 via iFaith (win only)

ps: or … use this free epub reader app – Bluefire … until final iOS 5 fix comes out (thx to sinful)

how i got caught in iPad 2 line – review

I must admit, even though I’ve owned an iPad 1 for almost a year, I too got excited on the news of the “new” one.  Ohh, it’s skinnier? Lighter? TWO times faster? … Has cameras?!

Decided to give a local best buy a try at 3:30pm on a Friday. And what do you know – I was the 10th person out of 11 units available at that location (what a “social” experience BTW – standing in line for i product, bonding with other dummies).

(they finally took them out of hiding, looks like around 10 … there’s hope)

Joy! Right? Well, I really wanted the black one and was upset I didn’t put my old one on eBay before the announcement (apple dropped the price by $100 and another $50 if you get refurbished iPad 1). But heck, I was “lucky”, especially after hearing crazy stories of people camping out for 3 days in the rain to get one or $900 offers for the first SPOT in line (idiots).

The excitement fades after 1/2 hour.

You get  butterflies whenever you open your first apple product … viral marketing machine of that co. is just mind boggling.

But after I synced my bookmarks, few apps and started playing with this “new”, “amazing” and can’t forget “magical” device … I had a hard time finding “the it“:

  • Magnetic Coverthe video blue me away, but after doing it myself twice … the “trick” gets old and you felt a bit cheated, especially at $80 for a piece of “leather” – that doesn’t even cover the back … and the alignment is … close, but not perfect (especially when you turn it around to the back)
  • Skinnier then iPhone 4″ … well, when you actually stack up against old iPad … not much difference. they actually feel very … same.
  • Lighter … we are talking about 11 sheets of paper “difference”. Not noticeable either.

I do have to say, that it feels sturdier

  • Cameras … Ok this feature seemed like a big one, but if you already have an iPhone … you’ll realize you don’t actually need it, except for those Skype calls. And walking around, while trying to film with an iPad … just feels awkward. Finally, when you try to edit those “films” with iMovie … you realize how crappy the resolution is. iPhone 3GS ish at best and VGA web cam up front.
    (yet, you still can’t edit photos with native photo app)
  • Faster … Again, I was sooo excited for this improvement. Only … to not really notice much difference after browsing the web, running few apps and playing Angry Birds (not a graphics intensive game, I know) for few hours. Yes, it feels … maybe 8% faster, things are a bit snappier, the tabs on safari sometimes don’t reload (finally! … but after few hours, they do it again).

Overall, ipad 2 is a minor improvement at best.

I actually went back to my iPad 1 and continued playing with it for the rest of the evening (so I wouldn’t put any marks on iPad 2 and can still sell it). iPad 1 was my friend again, didn’t feel old, didn’t “lack” cameras or extra juice. Immediately realized, what I really “need” is to sell my old iPad and use the $200 difference (it would take to get new one) … And get – iPad 1, 32gb … 3G, refurbished from apple (same price as new, iPad 2 wifi). Now, that’s a good “deal”! (& yes, apple wins either way)


got to “love” apple. This release is not for existing iPad owners. It’s for those suckers that have been salivating every time they saw a TV ad or heard a friend talk about it, but considered android or the fact that ipad is too damn expensive (just like iPhone 2 vs 3G).
I mean, you most likely already have an iPhone/android,  computer (or few) and once you do buy it – you’ll find yourself only using iPad to: read books, check web and maybe email and watch movies when you travel. It’s an expensive toy, not a life or death necessity.
In today’s times, when you actually notice recession, maybe even unemployed like me – you have no business complaining about anything being too slow or not heaving enough features.

I still have respect for apple. Being able to make a grown, ass techie stand in line and feel special for a privilege of being stripped of 640 dollars – you got me again, apple🙂

keep movies on iPad, but delete from comptuer

little hard drive space saving tip. say you have a movie / book / long song you want on your iPad / iPhone, but don’t want to keep it on your computer / mac

  1. sync the movie with your iPad (have it in iTunes, etc) – confirm that it’s on your ipad … by playing it
  2. go to iTunes / right click on the movie / song / book you want to remove
  3. choose “show in finder” (it should say “show in explorer” on a pc)
  4. delete it in finder (not iTunes)

that’s it! next time you sync with your iPad the movie will remain on the iPad but no longer exists on your compter

jailbreak 101: must have cydia apps after you jailbreak your iPhone / iPad

so you’ve done it … seeing cydia app on your iPad / iPhone makes you feel like a rebel. but … now what?

here’s what i found to be – top 5 jailbreak apps :

  • BEFORE you do ANYTHING – change your default password – only virus / intrusion exploited, so far is  a simple fact that all of our iPhone / iPad OSes has the same, default password. so once you change your OS’ password, you’ll be safe from hackers trying to jack your phone …
    [update: mobile terminal on Cydia on iPad doesn’t work.
    here’s how to change your default password on your iPad]

Fire up Mobile Terminal and type the following without the brackets 😉

1. [login root]
2. [alpine] this will log you in as root.
3 [passwd] requests password change
4 Type your new password
5 Retype your password

cydia apps to install … aren’t free:

here’s an ironic thing about jailbroken apps – most are free to try, but then they want you to pay them – $10 in most cases. but still … so, if you don’t mind stealing those apps, from those developers:
Goto: Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add >
It will add a sinful repository – so in the search result on cydia – you will now see apps  with sinful logo listed as well – their versions of apps are cracked & free🙂

OK, OK, now the actual – top 5 / must have cydia apps

  • SBsettings – instant preference panel – after install swipe top of the screen for instant on / off swithes (wifi, 3g, etc)
  1. backgrounder – allows multitasking – to be honest this is the only reason to jailbreak your iPad: listen to pandora, while browsing /  run skype in the background at all times (i found this to be buggy, so get in a habit of checking if skype is on in the background … twice a day)
  2. 3g unrestrictor – fulls apps into believing they are on a wifi and removes restrictions. e.g. allows skype to makes calls via 3g, download podcasts that are larger then 10gb, etc – also great on iPad, to get better quality video … if you get a decent connection on at&t …
  3. lockinfo – allows for weather, cal, etc to be displayed at lock screen, without having to go to the app – i find this great for quick weather & calendar check, without having to unlock the phone [buggy on iPad at this point]
  4. myWi / PDA net – you don’t really need to jailbreak to enable tethering on your iPhone. but … if you would like to browse your wifi iPad … of your iPhone while out & about … those 2 apps will turn your iPhone into a mobile wifi spot🙂 – (this will eat your battery crazy, make sure to turn off after you’re done)
  5. gv mobile – “unofficial” google voice app – if you have an account – will only work on iPhone. will display your GV number as your caller ID

other jailbroken apps:

  • Rotation Inhibitor – lock your screen orientation on an iPhone as you can on your iPad w/ the “mute” button (after install -> SBSettings and touch More -> Set Toggles. Turn on the Rotation toggle)
  • Recent/CallLog Delete Recent/CallLog Delete is a mod that allows you to delete individual calls from your call history. Once installed, it adds a Edit button to the top left of your Recent Calls page in your stock Phone application … something that should come with iPhone (it’s there under text messages …), but Steve doesn’t want his wife to be able to erase her calling history.
  • watch flash on your iPad / iPhone – click on how to to install iMobileCinema – unfortunately this only works on about 30% of flash videos on the web
  • xyflash – avi, flv player – great app if you watch movies on iPhone, without converting them. but if you’re home, i found Air Video for iPad to be much easier
  • caller ID faker – spoof your number

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