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Link Building Services Review

it is difficult to find a good Link Building Service

can’t say i’ve used too many of them but i’ve tried backlink banzai for 3 months … $200 in a garbage. i would say it’s a scam: i’ve had 20 urls setup with different keyword settings (from 1 to 5 per url). i’ve also tried different “saturation” methods (anti panda method). NOTHING

one of my keywords moved from 100 to 40s, but honestly out of 20 url i’ve had there … just a fluke, that had nothing to do with backlink

good link building

on the other hand is wonderful. had lots of success with low to medium and even some high competition keywords.

my first day with lion mac os x … i hate it

over the years, i’ve learned not to jump on the “new” bandwagon and wait at least a month before upgrading to a new product, software or gadget.
so i’m not in a rush, especially seeing hillarious videos like this one (NSFW 150k+ views).

but, to give apple credit, 2011 MB Air has fixed my 2 annoyances with previous Air: lid up the keyboard & removed pointless “eject” button (thus moving music play keys, where they are suppose to be). so i was excited to test 2011, especially that my in-laws got it & there was no risk of having to go back to Leopard Snow, etc.
apple failed terribly on not putting back the infared for the remotes (yeah, “get apple tv” – $100 – “philosophy” – but you can’t really send power point presentations to apple tv via airPlay, can you?). and to add salt to the wound, they have removed FrontRow app (although there’s a hack for that).

so … i’m writing this on my 2010 Air & will keep it ’till  x-mass,  if not longer … why?

2011 Air, or Mac OS X Lion – i should say – doesn’t feel like a finished product!

– firefox dmg file couldn’t mount. my very first impression wasn’t good: download firefox, mount dmg, move to applications & … “can’t open” (WFT? did i just upgrade to windows?). had to re-download twice, delete files & restart the system to get it to work …. brand new, $1400 laptop!
– after using the Air for few hours, system preference crashed! really apple???
– when downgrading the resolution to lower 1152×720 – can’t see bottom menu in iphoto. yeah, minor bug, but contrary to apple’s belief old folks can’t see ant size fonts at native – 1440×900 resolution. i’ve gotten used to upscaled, not so good looking 1152xx720 resolution. but not to have iPhoto scale down accordingly?
– mail app – can’t increase font sizes. the option is there … but doesn’t do anything … yep, restarted. nada. again, very frustrating for old people, who can’t see ant size fonts on the screen!
– video “anatomy of mac” is still leopard on the support site. support section of apple’s website doesn’t seem to be aware of Lion’s existence … yet (but i guess it’s more efficient for the co. to have old folks come to the store to take lesson … maybe up sell them on some crap they don’t need)
drop box folder – doesn’t work out of the box … until you enable sharing on it …
gestures – not implemented on applications like firefox. now this is probably firefox’s fault, but still when making a fundamental OS changes like: stuff scrolls up, instead of down (thank god there’s an easy way to disable that). or making 3 finger left/right swipes, switch os “pages”, instead of website’ visited pages …. should give devs a bit of notice? have a discussion to make sure those “revolutionary” videos, correspond with the actual product experience?
[no apple, safari is not the greatest browser out there … it actually sux. e.g. have you heard of a standard cmd-K shortcut to search? cmd-1,2 to switch between tabs?]
ohh & if you want to understand why 2-finger left/right swipe is a disaster. try to explain to a 70 year old a difference between: 1 finger swipe, 2 finger swipe & 3 fingers … the difference between going left, right, up (the middle one, might be up by then🙂 )
– totally agree with the guy from the video above on, Launchpad doesn’t feel like part of the OS: can’t select multiple apps & move them, can’t manage them via finder. & the name “Launchpad” – again my old folks have no idea that means “application” …
– AirDrop … doesn’t work with older macs. how dumb is that?
dashboard – while you can probably remap “Launchpad” (f4) key back to dashboard … dashboard itself is kinda lost in the “mission control” (another dumb name) … but, ok – that’s a minor annoyance at most.


huh … 2011 MacBook Air, looks nice … but pretty much the same as 2010 (yes, now with a lid up keyboard). did not notice greater battery life. speed … maybe 5-10% faster (but honestly didn’t spend enough time with it).

ok, so i do like the instant integration of yahoo (don’t think that’s automatic with gmail) – when you sing-in the first time, it asks you to plug in the user/password into mail app, it works for contacts & iChat too. nice.

interestingly features, i’ve looked forward to: autocorrect, versions, mail, airDrop … now seem cosmetic conveniences i can live without on Snow Leopard.

so overall, can’t say i’m compelled to upgrade, actually.

overall – Lion OS X feels sloppy.

what’s going on apple? not making enough money? jobs left & attention to detail – we’ve got to love so much about your products – went out of the window with him?
no, i’m not an apple hating a**hole, but i do expect near perfection for a laptop that’s $1400!

but i still love apple

why? no choice, frankly. & i’m brutally reminded of windows in the 90s … by having to wait (3 hours & counting) to migrate my in-law’s PC to mac:
1) upgrade my in-laws’ win XP to SP3
2) so i can install apple’s migration assistant (bit lazy of apple to require SP3 …)
3) so i can migrate … mear 3gb worth of data
will keep you posted, how that goes

[update: sp3 upgrade failed 3 times, then kinda went through, then apple’s migration assistant refused to install even after win said SP3. 4 hours later, i’ve decided to take a USB stick, copy all content of “my documents” & successfully dropped it on the mac … all of which took, 15 min]

jailbreak 101: must have cydia apps after you jailbreak your iPhone / iPad

so you’ve done it … seeing cydia app on your iPad / iPhone makes you feel like a rebel. but … now what?

here’s what i found to be – top 5 jailbreak apps :

  • BEFORE you do ANYTHING – change your default password – only virus / intrusion exploited, so far is  a simple fact that all of our iPhone / iPad OSes has the same, default password. so once you change your OS’ password, you’ll be safe from hackers trying to jack your phone …
    [update: mobile terminal on Cydia on iPad doesn’t work.
    here’s how to change your default password on your iPad]

Fire up Mobile Terminal and type the following without the brackets 😉

1. [login root]
2. [alpine] this will log you in as root.
3 [passwd] requests password change
4 Type your new password
5 Retype your password

cydia apps to install … aren’t free:

here’s an ironic thing about jailbroken apps – most are free to try, but then they want you to pay them – $10 in most cases. but still … so, if you don’t mind stealing those apps, from those developers:
Goto: Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add >
It will add a sinful repository – so in the search result on cydia – you will now see apps  with sinful logo listed as well – their versions of apps are cracked & free🙂

OK, OK, now the actual – top 5 / must have cydia apps

  • SBsettings – instant preference panel – after install swipe top of the screen for instant on / off swithes (wifi, 3g, etc)
  1. backgrounder – allows multitasking – to be honest this is the only reason to jailbreak your iPad: listen to pandora, while browsing /  run skype in the background at all times (i found this to be buggy, so get in a habit of checking if skype is on in the background … twice a day)
  2. 3g unrestrictor – fulls apps into believing they are on a wifi and removes restrictions. e.g. allows skype to makes calls via 3g, download podcasts that are larger then 10gb, etc – also great on iPad, to get better quality video … if you get a decent connection on at&t …
  3. lockinfo – allows for weather, cal, etc to be displayed at lock screen, without having to go to the app – i find this great for quick weather & calendar check, without having to unlock the phone [buggy on iPad at this point]
  4. myWi / PDA net – you don’t really need to jailbreak to enable tethering on your iPhone. but … if you would like to browse your wifi iPad … of your iPhone while out & about … those 2 apps will turn your iPhone into a mobile wifi spot🙂 – (this will eat your battery crazy, make sure to turn off after you’re done)
  5. gv mobile – “unofficial” google voice app – if you have an account – will only work on iPhone. will display your GV number as your caller ID

other jailbroken apps:

  • Rotation Inhibitor – lock your screen orientation on an iPhone as you can on your iPad w/ the “mute” button (after install -> SBSettings and touch More -> Set Toggles. Turn on the Rotation toggle)
  • Recent/CallLog Delete Recent/CallLog Delete is a mod that allows you to delete individual calls from your call history. Once installed, it adds a Edit button to the top left of your Recent Calls page in your stock Phone application … something that should come with iPhone (it’s there under text messages …), but Steve doesn’t want his wife to be able to erase her calling history.
  • watch flash on your iPad / iPhone – click on how to to install iMobileCinema – unfortunately this only works on about 30% of flash videos on the web
  • xyflash – avi, flv player – great app if you watch movies on iPhone, without converting them. but if you’re home, i found Air Video for iPad to be much easier
  • caller ID faker – spoof your number

best FREE iPhone apps

picture-51 i’ve used iPhone for over 6 months now & even though in the beginning you couldn’t really have a clear phone conversation, apple has stepped up & fixed all the problems and now …. yes, i’m a fan.

but, this post is about BEST FREE applications for iPhone, so here you go: [best of the best sir are in bold & italics]


  • google mobile app – not only has decent voice recognition, but you can easily find your contacts and local stuff (pizza, etc)
  • gmail, google calendar, tasks [web]- build in email client sucks, so if you want to be able to search your gmail, see conversations again, etc – it’s all possible via the web (i’m just not sure why google has removed calendar “quick add” from there ….)
    … but if you do use build-in mail app – firemail will let you type your email horizontally and then send them back to the regular mail app
  • facebook – if you’re an addict … you got to have this app
  • iTalk – record audio: voice memos, sounds, etc – then download to your computer
  • discover – yes, you can use your iPhone as a hard drive / over the wifi
  • WiFinder – find open WiFi spots around you
  • Easy Wi-Fi – if you use starbucks’ free wifi connection a lot, this is a life saver (no more waiting for txt, etc)


  • yelp – looking for a good restaurant whenever you are?
  • trapster – would you like to avoid a speeding ticket and know where are the speed traps or where’s the nearest traffic light camera?🙂
  • pandora, and iHeartRadio – radio on iPhone is decent – iHeart let’s u listen to most of the local radio stations even if you’re elsewhere (hot 97, v103, etc)
  • shazam – “what’s the name of that song”? – this app will tell you, by simply putting the iPhone next to the speaker … amazing
  • fring – best IM client:Skype,  MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, etc – although i never succeeded in making a skype call … yes, over wifi
  • drinks free – tells you how to make most of the popular drinks out there


not “best”, but good enough to list:

  • accuWeather – better then build-in weather, especially the radar & real feel
  • twitter [web] – it’s free & it does the basics
  • nbc traffic camera – 1/2 of the cameras don’t work, but it’s only such app that’s available for free
  • remote – controls your iTunes, so you can be a better couch potato🙂

how to maintain your entourage (outlook for mac)

i hate microshaft’s “culture of programming” and unfortunately it gets carried over to the mac versions of their programs as well.

but some of us have to live with it. namely if you work in a MS / exchnage majority office. so, you have to maintain those ….

recently i had to purge my mailbox due to IT’s retarded 300mb size cap, but in the process i found some usefull techniques of keeping your entourage in good health:

1. how to archive your mailbox – search for “Microsoft User Data” & then “Office xxxx Identities” to find the identify folder

2. i deleted 200mb worth of email, but … identity folder remained at the same size?! – COMPRESS entourage db – let me save you some time here:
– start entourage while holding OPTION key
– choose “Compact database” – it will compact your db by 30-60% and make a backup of the old one … so, once you’ll make a backup of a backup🙂 – you can delete it

3. search doesn’t seem to work any more … (i’m still trying to fix this one), but theoritically this could be done by: preferences / spotlight / “rebuild”

how to crack CS3 trial versions

after getting fed up failing to legally upgrade from Adobe Trial CS3 to Adobe Design Premium CS3 (see my upgrade horror story). I found this free, extremely simple way to crack Dreamweaver CS3.

[update 1/30 – fixed the .bat file & found an activation crack that will work on Photoshop CS3 & other CS3 applications for win & mac – see comments for insturctions]

  1. download trial version from Adobe website (you have to register or go to & try to find one there)
  2. When you launch the program for the first time it will ask you for a valid CS3 serial number. If you have one great, but I just ignore this and chose the 30 days option. (once it expires … keep on reading)
  3. [update 12/18] – i’ve created a batch file which does everything described below automatically for you – download it here – right click/”save as” & place it in (win only):
    “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS3\AMT\”
    directory then:
    – create a shortcut to f-adobe.bat on your desktop / run it
    – when Dreamweaver starts first – quit it
    – when it starts again, just click OK … that’s it! 🙂

OR … u can follow my previous instructions below (i’ve also listed the contents of the bat file on the bottom):

  1. find application.sif file and … rename it –
    go to “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS3\AMT\” & rename “application.sif” to something like “-application.sif” (i’d recomend backing up application.sif before you do, just to be on the safe side)
  2. when you start Dreamweaver again, you’ll get “you cannot use this product at this time. you must repair the problem …” error mesage … click OK – & it will still START anyways! … dough🙂
  3. go back to “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS3\AMT\” rename the “-application.sif” back to “application.sif”
  4. start Dreamweaver, you’ll get expired prompt – click quit
  5. rename “application.sif” again (go back to step 1 above)

    you have to repeat the whole process every time you shot down the application … but it works!

ps: here’s the content of the batch file in case you wanted to create your own:

ren application.bak *.sif
ren application.sif *.bak
cd amt
ren application.bak *.sif

Adobe CS3 upgrade from trial version horror

So here’s my rant about stupid Adobe software upgrades (boy do i miss Macromedia’s simplicity & seems i’m not alone – Adobe CS3 install horror… round 2):
After trying the Dreamweaver CS3 for 60 days (30 days trial, plug in fake serial key, run unregistered for another 30 …) , i finally got my job to purchase a full fledged Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) Design Premium. Thinking (silly me) that after setting Dreamweaver up the way I want it and plugging in all the web servers i work with, that all i’ll have to do it put in the serial number that come with the CD/DVD. Nah ….
When i tried to apply my serial number to the trial version of dreamweaver i got the red x (incorrect serial number). When i called customer service. i was informed that i need to speak to technical support … which after additional waist of my time informed me that i need to un-install trial & re-install full version.
I gave it another trial & wrote to the tech support via email (when fail with the first tech support guy, call back). Here’s the response I got :
*** Notes to Customer *** 12/12/2007 13:02:10
Hello xxxxx,
Thank you for contacting Adobe Customer Service.
I understand that you are not satisfied with the service provided by our
Customer Service department for the inconvenience caused to you.
Maciek, the trial versions of Adobe software provide an introduction to
our applications to help you with your purchase decision. You cannot
apply the serial number of the upgrade version to unlock the trial
version. For upgrade versions you require to have the original program
version on your computer.
Adobe has dedicated support for providing technical help to the
customer. Our Customer Service is not trained to handle technical is
sues. Once they determine the issue is technical in nature they refer you to
the technical support department.
I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
As an Adobe customer, you are our first priority. Your comments help
guide development of future versions of Adobe products and support.
Adobe takes its Web mail very seriously, and we dedicate substantial
resources to routing this feedback to the people inside Adobe who need
to know what customers are telling us.
Please let us know if you have any issues and if there is anything that
we can do.
xxxx, for your records, your customer ID number is 111111111. The
customer ID number is the easiest way for us to access your account in
our database. In the future, please provide this number when you contact
Adobe. Your case number is 2000000.
The Web Support Portal Representatives are available from Monday to
Friday. For your convenience, on weekends we have a dedicated phone
support for Customer Service related queries. Please feel free to
contact our phone support.


well … just when i finally decided to say “ok, i have no choice, i’ll go ahead & re-install the damn thing”. guest what?🙂 when i did start the installation of the entire Design Premium CS3, the Dreamweaver is grayed out & it says “product already installed”!!! & there doesn’t seem to be a way to un-install it & re-install it from that screen (i know, i can go to “add / remove programs”, but … come on!)

at that point i’ve waisted about 1 hour on trying to deal with tech support, 2 hours trying to re-install the CS3 suite & … it took me about 15 min to find this crack🙂

open letter to Adobe about their “upgrade” issues:
– why mislead the customer with promise of an “upgradeable” trial version?
– why inconvenience the customer by re-installation requirement and hence loss of already applied program settings & server/ftp information?
– why not better train your customer service and inform you customer about product incompatibility before transferring to another person and in process waisting customer’s and company’s time?

it is easier for your customer to crack the product instead of making a legal purchase, which proved to be a more difficult and time consuming process!


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