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easily convert to escaped HTML for RSS feeds

RSS 2.0 requires you to use escaped HTML if you want rich format entries (images, embedded links, etc) e.g.:

  • <description>this is &lt;b&gt;bold&lt;/b&gt;</description>

and it’s a pain in the ass to edit those. But … here’s an easier way:

use Dreamweaver (possibly works in other code / design HTML editors):

1) write the regular HTML code in the code pane

2) copy the HTML code and … paste in onto the design pane

Screenshot 2015-03-31 15.00.22

3) now on the left (code page), you’ll have it in escaped HTML

Link Building Services Review

it is difficult to find a good Link Building Service

can’t say i’ve used too many of them but i’ve tried backlink banzai for 3 months … $200 in a garbage. i would say it’s a scam: i’ve had 20 urls setup with different keyword settings (from 1 to 5 per url). i’ve also tried different “saturation” methods (anti panda method). NOTHING

one of my keywords moved from 100 to 40s, but honestly out of 20 url i’ve had there … just a fluke, that had nothing to do with backlink

good link building

on the other hand is wonderful. had lots of success with low to medium and even some high competition keywords.

best music podcast – the sound culture

so i’ve re-discovered podcasting recently: 1st on my iPod classic & recently on a nicer, bigger screen – iPhone. but good music podcasts are very hard to find on iTunes … well, it just takes a while (took me few months to go through all the garbage & find this one).

so i wanted to share the love & tell you guys about probably the best modern, electronica, chill, gypsy, hip hop music podcast on d net todaythe Sound Culture podcast.

those guys really do it for the love – not only every month or so they come up with the new “radio episode”, this podcast is one of the better organized ones: it has the name, title of the artist, ablum cover, etc. THEN … you can go to their website & … download each of the songs featured on their episodes, either via iTunes, napster – legal chanells OR … for free. those guys rock (they also have live DJ sessions in california). & … when i offered a donation, they suggested to donate to my fav charity … maaaan

here are few of my favorite sound culture episodes:

daily links: RIAA doesn’t sue u for CD copy, y! life, CES, more full TV shows, openHulu

“daily links” has been a way for me to share interesting tech news w/ my friends. over the years this has expanded to web 2.0, ipTV, p2p, media and more news:)

Washington Post says it ‘incorrectly’ reported RIAA storyyeah, yeah RIAA is evil no matter what u say:)
Here Comes Yahoo Live, I Mean Yahoo Life …  & on the side note Hands on: Yahoo Go 3.0 beta but i never liked mobile y! … to freaken slow
CG’s CES Highlights: Hands on with the Surface
BigSight Aims to Become White Pages of Web, Pulls Data from Facebook

FlyTunes to Bring Internet Radio to Your iPhoneapple will so put a STOP on this (can u say conflict of interest?), but … u can hack it ….
Apple to piggyback on DVDs to distribute digital content? … wow this world is going right for a change … or maybe they just anticipate recession?:)
MTV Networks video, coming soon to a site near youmore sense on the digital world …

* ipTV
Watch Full-Length TV Online with Fancast
openHuluif u don’t have hulu password … here’s ur solution:)

* deals

Talk cheap with Samsung BlackJack II smartphone, free with activation

Hulu .com Review

[update – you no longer need hulu password:)openHulu

finally got my beta password for & almost got conned into watching the most terribly executed adaptation of Wizard of Oz … SiFi’s Tin Man (u need Hulu password).

But this is a review of the newcomer to online streaming video website – cheap alternative for poor TV stations, who can’t afford to come up with their own flash video player app.:) screen shot

Apply for beta here … if you must, but you can find most of the shows worth watching on free TV online or Online Video Guide (long names, but they have most of TV shows & gear search engine for TV episodes and movies).
The quality on Hulu is about the same as youtube. The in the middle of 20 minute long (or so) clips, you’ll see 3-4 short TV ads. Weird but bearable – finally you can watch the whole thing without looking too hard for it … with exception of the last ad after the episodes finished – very annoying. screenshot video player

– ability of embedding is kida interesting at this point … it allows you to embed the videos on other websites _without_ a password requirement … mixed message there (or a glitch:).

Great service for now and it’s good to see more legal on-line video services pop-up. Let’s just hope that in the long term this site won’t become paid service.

gmail messes up new release

love da g mail. but tonight out of blue i started noticing … cheap MicroSoft (Shaft) like enhancements to the fine product …

– the middle column width shrunk (that end up being just the window re-size / un -hybernate glitch)
– new mouse over contact info boxes … that don’t go away
– reply stooped automatically scrolling down to reply / compose box (something i took for granted since the beginning …)
– and finally the waisted top margin real estate w/ “Copyright 2002-2007 Google Inc.”
– some old messages don’t want to load (this has been happening for a while now … though)

To be fair there’s some good: 5GB of storage! and you can _still_ click “older version” … the question is for how long …
[update most of those bugs have been fixed … wow:) ]

What happened boys? The leader in email revolution is slacking???


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