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google+ plus – not making my life easier … yet

my brief love affair with google+ got stuck on the 3rd date (i mean day :):

– simple sharing rules concept – aka circles

shockingly that’s all. it’s funny how many hoops we are willing to jump through, because we got fed up by,  a free,  yet very unpredictable social network, called FB
[my FB peeves: sucky twitter integration, api that breaks weekly, reason why i loved fb to begin with: auto posts of all of my social tools: youtube, pix, music, blogs, etc – have anyone noticed how they don’t automatically show up in your feed any longer???]

not ready: (but back to google+ … “the hope”)
– no twitter / fb integration.
had to rethink this one … w/ improved sharing rules, all posts will have to come out of + now (instead from twitter, until now), but … even though  i “found” this twittermail solution, it cuts posts off, after 43rd character …
– no simple google contacts -> google+ import. nor fb, nor twitter
(dragging your first friend into the circle seems cool. dragging 100 of them seems like too much work)
– can’t adjust sharing settings after initial post (so when one of my buddies starts cursing, etc … now all of the world can see)
– can’t delete other’s replies to my posts???
– can’t edit post’s (link) description
– can’t delete/edit a contact added on + (i actually edited that contact on g contacts & now i have 2 separate contacts on +)
– spam – yep, in “incoming” i’ve received an invite from “cheap flights” already (i polish, but still)


google, i love you, but … i was looking for a better social network alternative, to make my life easier. i’m going to wait, until you become a cougar … then we can resume our date (i hope).

Twitter not publishing to Facebook any longer?

For the past couple of days, i’ve noticed that my twitter status updates are not getting automatically published to facebook any longer. Seems others are experiencing same problems:

[update 3/11 – a month passed by & … what do you know my twitter updates started posting on FB on their own – fixed … for now]

you’ve got to love facebook and their secret changes, that cause stuff to stop working, without any announcements.  it’s dumb, especially after recent twitter by FB buy out rumors. but we all know fb doesn’t really care about us – its’ users – updates haven’t worked in months.

yet another reason, why we need a new, open facebook, that will work as fb should: connect all of our social (flickr, pandora,, etc) activities on one page.

Solutions? Haven’t found a fix so far. Tried to re-connect via: – no luck
(which humorously doesn’t work if you have an auto httpS enabled)


[update 2/24] starting to have a feeling, that my particular twitter account might have been blocked, due to pirate bay posts …

how to fix new facebook

I was one of those people that hated new facebook … until I figured out how to fix it. No, it won’t look like the old facebook – progress is something you might not like, but you have learn to live with it. However this solution will get rid of the clutter and will let you keep up with your best friends.

How? By filtering the clutter. It only take about 1/2 hour to organize new fb to fit your needs.

Here’s a step by step photo-slide or follow my instrucions below:

– the big change will b to create 2 “filters”: “best friends” and “the rest”
– “best should include … only your best friends and those who you need to keep tabs on (eg. business associate, potential date), but if one of your best friends is a “spammer” – as in he/she clutters your fb with constant updates – leave them out of this “filter”
– “the rest” – this is where you put everyone else; spammers, people that you don’t necessary need to keep up with on daily basis. And you don’t really care if you miss one or two updates about them.

Of course you can create as many filters as you can (eg “spam”, city you live in, business, etc). But  don’t include same people in diferrent filters.

Once you’re done, simply drag “best” to the very top – that way whenever you open fb, you’ll only see the limited list that’s much simpler and cleaner then “all”. I decided to drag “rest” dirctly under and “all” on the very bottom


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